Post: Concrete in the Jungle

Date: 17/07/2010


Location: Dunbartonshire

Castle Stairs Hallway Blue & Gold Golden Web Looming Masked Fek Seminary Jungle Concrete Ramp 13 Doom Ruinous Hulk Rejected

A fairly chilled sort of day out. First up was a curious castle-like mansion that was once a stately home and closed as a nursing home. Next up was the forever rotten Eastend House. Since my visit over a year ago a large mains water pipe has burst inside causing extensive flooding and structual damage. It will be a ruin soon.
Perhaps the best of the bunch though was indeed a ruin. St Peter's Seminary had a brief life as a Seminary before being abandoned and left to rot. Nature and the local youths have both accelerated this process and it now stands in a near ruinous state that takes you by surprise as you walk up to it through jungle-like woodland.
Forgotten it's not. The local graffiti writers have made extensive use of the large concrete surfaces to showcase their work, most notably "Smug", a Glasgow-based graffiti artist who created an impressive image of The Hulk amongst other things.
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