Post: Magical Trevor

Date: 08/11/2011



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A day of drain hunting in Glasgow. Leads from Google maps proved difficult to follow due to new developments making the satellite imagery vastly outdated from reality. As a result, we failed to find the interceptor we were seeking out, and a sewer of fast flowing fresh that we did find proved to be too deep. We did happen across a large storm drain under construction, though. It was hard to miss really. Walking along the banks of the Clyde, we caught sight of a massive outflow with a grating boxing it in. Sure enough up top in the building site was a manhole or four. Down we went.
You couldn't get a drain more vastly different from the victorian bricks and arches. This drain was all concrete - RCP, sectional, large chambers and plastic-coated ladders were the order of the afternoon.
After a while the sectional pipe came to an end half way up a large concrete cylinder in the ground which had no roof at that time. It's unclear what the intended purpose of the huge chamber is - possibly a surge chamber - or where the two pipes leading out from it go. As there was no way down at that point without a rope, we'll have to find out another day. With little to inspire a name for this drain, for now, or maybe forever, it'll be known as Magical Trevor. This seemed a good idea at the time, in the pub, after a night of inhaling a likely unhealthy amount of firework smoke.
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