Back to the Mine Again

Back to our favourite west coast mine. I didn't take much in the way of photos inside the mine as I'd covered quite a lot of it previously, but there is some external coverage.Compared to the bare basics of the last trip, we had a generator, ...


West Coast Silica Mine

Our favourite west coast underground camp site and playground. This recently closed silica sand mine has miles and miles of tunnels, large enough for trucks, stretching deep into the hillside.


The Climbing Frame

Tall thing with a handy climbing frame installed on the outside? It would be rude not to...


Aberdeen Clusterfuck

This trip saw us visiting the all-wooden Glen O'Dee Hospital, a mostly derelict caravan park (going pro here), and Clusterfuck Towers aka Broadford Works. Group meets. They work well if you pick appropriate places. They don't work so well ...


Corn Exchange

I happened to be on a job in the building attached to this out of use building complete with turret. Quick word with someone and I was away taking snaps with the old fuji.



A mix match of style dumped right in the middle of a posh housing area. This is a former telephone exchange.


Small Hospital Ward

A mostly active hospital in Fife has some derelict sections. We spotted this one by chance when using the hospital to turn around. There happened to be a strawberry field out the back, too!


The Kip

Inverkip Power Station - our west coast friend. An oil fired 1900MW station that was never run at full capacity. Opened in 1970, it was shut down in 1988 and has been mothballed ever since. It is sadly now being dismantled. These photos cover ...


Caldwells Paper Mill

A paper mill in Fife, not far from the Forth Rail Bridge.


A Wee Scottish Get-together

A group visit to the now trashed Lennox Castle, the fucked Broomhill Hospital and the rotten Eastend House. Oh, the weather sucked too...


Slurry Power in Fife

This dirty old power station ran on coal slurry. The salty sea air has made a good job of eating away the metal outsides.


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